Winneshiek County Recycling

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Accepted/Unaccepted Materials

CardboardBasic corrugated boxes or sheets, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or similar containers. Please remove all Styrofoam, plastic bags, and any other packaging. Staples, tape, and labels are OK to leave on.Milk or juice cartons, plastic or wax coated boxes, or any cardboard contaminated with oil.
PaperNewspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, egg cartons, Kraft paper, phone books, junk mail, brown paper bags, feed sacks, books, and shredded paper. Please deliver hard cover books directly to the recycling center as they need to be processed separately from all other forms of paper.Paper towels, plates, or cups, toilet paper, wall paper, waxed paper, Christmas wrap, and stickers.
PlasticItems stamped with #1 and #2 such as milk jugs, soap bottles, pop and water bottles. Triple rinsed herbicide and dairy supply barrels are OK, too.Styrofoam, plastic bags, toys, vinyl siding, PVC pipe, plastic feed sacks, films, rubber, carpet, foam, silage bags, Tyvek, field tile, or motor oil bottles.
MetalTin cans, pop cans, aluminum foil, frying pans, cookie sheets, license plates, stainless steel kitchen items, cast iron skillets, brass items, bikes, electrical cords, electric motors, and wall chargers.Nails, screws, microwaves, TVs, computers, electronics, or major appliances.
GlassGlass is only accepted directly at the recycling center and is restricted to clear, non-redeemable food container glass only. Glass with an Iowa nickel deposit on it should go to the redemption center.Glass