Courthouse Clock Tower virtual tour by Tony Clarke

Winneshiek County
Courthouse Clock Tower
A Virtual Tour
Courthouse Clock Tower
The Way Up

This is the stairway leading to the main landing at the base of the tower.

Ladder to Clock Tower

Ladder to Clock Tower Ladder from top of the landing up to the clock tower.

Clock Mechanism Housing

The shed that houses the clock drive mechanism.

Clock Motor & Drive Gears

The original clock mechanism and modern electric motor that drives the clock gears.

Bell Drive

Bell drive gear that once operated the bell striker.


Manufacturers nameplate.

Clock Face

View of the south clock face from the inside.

Clock Face

Another view in a different light.

Clock Hand Drive

The south clock hand drive connection.

Bell Tower Access

Ladder and access trap to the bell tower.

Courthouse Bell
Bell Striker

The bell striker that is operated by the bell drive one level below.

NW Eagle

View of the NW Eagle as seen from the bell tower.

Eagle Detail

A detail view of SW Eagle.

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