Sheriff's Office responsibilities

  • criminal investigations
  • county jail operations
  • weapon permits
  • civil process such as sheriff's sales, paper service and garnishments
  • warrants, court orders and courtroom security

Purpose Statement

As the only law enforcement office in the nation elected by the people and for the people to constitutionally serve as the supreme law enforcement authority of Winneshiek County, our purpose and mission is to ensure the safety of the public in a friendly, approachable and ethical manner, while always upholding and protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens. 

Latest Facebook News

Date: 12/13/2018
Incident/Charge: Felony possession of contraband in a correctional institution
Location: Winneshiek County Jail

Person: Anthony Williams
Address: Waukon, Iowa
Age: 22

Incident Details: While Anthony Williams was incarcerated in the Winneshiek County Jail, a jailer located marijuana in his possessions.

Date: 12/13/2018
Time: 7:30 PM
Incident/Charge: Search Warrant
Location: Fort Atkinson, Iowa

Incident Details: The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at a residence in Fort Atkinson. This case remains under investigation, arrests and charges are pending. The Winneshiek County Attorney’s Office and Iowa State Patrol assisted the Sheriff’s Office with the search warrant.

The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office and Winneshiek County Emergency Management are warning of bomb threats that are targeting local businesses. These threats are via email. The email appears to be a hoax, as there are similar threats that have occurred nationwide. A Winneshiek County business has received this threatening email.

The FBI is investing these emails and has established an electronic tip form. The report to the FBI needs to include the full email threat and the expanded header information that will disclose the IP address from the sender. The submission should also include the business name and type of product/services the business provides.

If you find anything suspicious, contact law enforcement immediately!

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