Current Agenda

AGENDA FOR: March 20, 2017
MONDAY March 20, 2017
9:30 A.M.

9:30 a.m. Lee Bjerke – county Engineer Re: road matters

10:30 a.m. Sean Snyder – Emergency Management Coordinator Re: EMA updates

11:00 a.m. Public Hearing – Urban Revitalization District (Brynsaas Tax Abatement) Urban Revitalization Area – Urban Revitalization Plan – Project Approval Re: public comment, consideration, and possible action

1:30 p.m. Department Heads Meeting

Consent agenda: approve minutes, approve claims, accept and file departmental reports, approve liquor licenses, approve fireworks permits. Any matter on the Consent Agenda will be removed from the Consent Agenda and discussed as a regular agenda item upon the request of any Board member.
Set Public Hearing on re-zoning request for Mashek

Security policy

Resolution to support the Natural Resources Trust Fund

committee reports
The above reports may result in discussion and action on the subject(s) of the reports.

A copy of the agenda background material provided to Board members (with the exception of material relating to possible closed sessions) is available for public inspection at the office of the Winneshiek County Auditor. As a courtesy to those appearing before the Board, please turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices during all Board sessions. Thank you. Persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting the county Auditor at (563) 382-5085.